Virtual Therapy

Treatment services for adults, adolescents, and children are currently being provided online.

Clients must be within Ontario at the time of services. 


Virtual therapy can be a convenient, comfortable, and flexible way for you to engage in treatment. As services can be provided to anyone in Ontario, virtual therapy can be convenient if you are someone who lives in a remote community, does not want the hassle of a commute, or who prefers the comfort of your own environment. Virtual therapy can be conducted via video or phone.

​When accessing video services, it is important that you have a webcam, working microphone, and access to a private space where you feel comfortable engaging in a session. Headphones are optional, though some folks prefer them for privacy reasons. Sessions are conducted through a secure and confidential online platform. 

​You can further make a safe and comfortable environment for therapy by:

  • Trying to minimize distractions within the room you are accessing services from

  • Having a preferred object or pet nearby

  • Choosing to engage in sessions during a time that works best for you

​If you are a parent helping to create a space for your child to access online services, think about what might make them comfortable (even better, ask them!). This may include having a preferred toy, headphones, or even paper and colouring supplies, as oftentimes art can be integrated into the therapeutic process.

​If you are unsure if virtual therapy is right for you or if you have any questions about the benefits of virtual therapy, please contact us and we can book a 15-minute consultation to discuss further.

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