Child and Adolescent Services


​When your child or teen is struggling, it can be difficult to navigate how to best support them. At Northern Elm Assessment and Treatment, we firmly believe that your child has the answers to what they need in order to thrive. This may be the need to process some tough feelings, the need for different language and behaviours to be used to better support them, or the need to challenge difficult thoughts. In our work with children and adolescents, the therapeutic relationship serves as the foundation for effective treatment.

​When working with children and teens, we try to involve relevant caregivers/support persons when possible. With respect to privacy, it is important to know that consent for services in Ontario is determined by capacity to consent and not age. This means that depending on capacity, your child may not want certain information shared outside of sessions; however, there are some limits to confidentiality where this may not be possible. 

Your involvement in your child’s treatment can be further discussed at the onset of services and on an ongoing basis throughout treatment, when applicable.